Many people dream of traveling the world as a way of life; and there are people who can really do this, and I mean people who are not pilots, air assistants or businessmen. These people are known as travel bloggers and they are paid to visit and write about their passion in life: traveling.

Before you think this is a dream, it’s time to dispel certain myths and tell the truth about how to start a travel blog.

The Truth About Travel Blogging

Who wouldn’t want to start a travel blog? Travel can be very expensive and the idea of someone else covering your expenses is certainly attractive. But it’s not just about going to Paris a couple of times in first class. Travel blogging is like any other job.

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Travel blogging is not easy. The fact that you are traveling and at the same time receive a payment, while staying in the best places, is what people normally see. What they don’t realize is that there are many obstacles that go hand in hand with the idea of how to start a travel blog.

This is what you need to know before you start being a travel blogger:

  • Writer’s block. Everyone wants to join the fashion of being a travel blogger, thinking that everything is fun and happiness – that by the simple fact of having a travel blog (and a few followers), they can already ask for accommodation in 5 star hotels. But it’s not that easy. There are many travel bloggers who spend a lot of time building an empire long before they get to the point where they receive special treatment (or compensation).
  • Many times, you will be behind your computer. Being a blogger is like having a magazine and being the editor, photographer, writer, and stylist – all in one. Some bloggers have teams now, but at first, it’s just you. Taking and editing photos and/or video, articles, SEO, social networking schedules: all of these tasks require some time commitment, which you will spend in front of your computer.
  • Writer’s block. Pages pay you for your content, and to be a successful travel blogger, you have time limits like in any normal job. Creating great content, while at the same time, you have to experience what each place has to offer is not easy, especially when you just want to relax, but have a schedule to keep.
  • As with all freelancing, you will be as good as your next project. You’ll have to think of travel blogging as an expense very early on. After all, how will you start writing about the places you travel to? You have to invest a little money to make these trips that will serve as the theme for your content.
  • If you travel alone, it may be a bit lonely to go from place to place on your own. And since you don’t stay in one place for long, you’ll be making friends/connections, and terminating them constantly.
  • Not knowing what’s next. Becoming a travel blogger may look exciting at first, but you’ll have to be constantly planning what’s next. There will be a time when the thrill of travel will disappear or you will run out of funds and you will have to start thinking about another plan.

If you just want to learn about how to start a travel blog by simply sharing your travels, then these truths don’t apply to you. Your expectations and ambitions will be based on your own goals (and perhaps share your adventures with friends and family) than the idea of building a brand to attract sponsors.

How to Start a Travel Blog?

Didn’t you end up scared by all the hard truths about travel blogging? So, here we leave you the information to start a travel blog, step by step:

Choosing a Niche

There are two basic ways to start: travel and then learn how to start a travel blog or plan to start a travel blog and then really travel. The motivation for people in the first situation is probably their desire to have a place to share their travels with family and friends, while the second is for those who plan to expand and monetize their travel blog in the future.

Like food blogs, travel blogs are everywhere, so it’s best to start looking for a niche (especially when you eventually want to start earning money with travel blogging) that will help you stand out from the rest, as most travel blogs don’t do as well when it comes to focusing on SEO.

Subniches in Travel blogging

There are too many niches in travel blogging, so many that you might think of one and be able to meet the needs of this niche. For some, their niche arises naturally.

For others, it might take a while to make a decision. Here are some questions you might ask yourself when it’s time to determine the niche for your travel blog:

  • Why do I want a travel blog?
  • What am I passionate about telling or teaching people?
  • What are my skills, strengths, interests, and experience?
  • Could I write about it for a long time? The niche should not be too broad or too specific.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of the most popular travel blogging niches:

  • City blogging: Focused on your city (you don’t have to travel as much, and you probably know the subject better than anyone else)
  • Focus on your country: Destinations around the country.
  • Area/Region: Like South America or Southeast Asia.
  • Demographic focus: Like travel blogs focused on Americans/people with American passports.
  • Trips with low budgets
  • Luxury Travel
  • Solo Trips
  • Business travel
  • Adventure travel
  • Trips with the family
  • Travel for seniors
  • Travel for people with disabilities

Or if you’re really ambitious, you can blog about your trip around the world.

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