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Despite the advertising flash , especially around the holidays , the best choice for a new memory foam mattress is not the brand of memory mattress . There are several other options that offer superior features at a much more affordable price.


Did you know that most memory foams are made entirely from petroleum products? This gives you a product that works very well but has a large carbon footprint, is made from a non-renewable resource and is vulnerable to gasification. Off-gassing is the gradual release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other unpleasant odours. A certain memory foam leaches out these unpleasant odours and dangerous chemicals for 3 months or longer.

There are two main reasons why “old fashioned” memory foam does this. The chemicals it is made with, petroleum compounds as discussed above, and the way the material is formed. Closed-cell foam traps billions of tiny air bubbles in the structure of the foam. This exacerbates the problem of outgassing. When you lie on the bed, the trapped air bubbles deform, giving the foam its famous feel, but some of the trapped air is also forced out. This allows the trapped VOCs and by-products to seep to the surface and into your body while you sleep.

Environmentally friendly memory foam mattresses overcome many of these problems. The use of soy-based polyol overcomes the dependence on non-renewable petroleum. Although soybean oil cannot replace all the petroleum needed to make memory material, it can replace a large portion of it and help make the material a much more carbon neutral product.

The design of the open-cell memory foam prevents a large portion of the by-product gas produced during the manufacture of the mattress from being trapped. Thanks to the open cell structure, the mattress can air out much faster, often only a few hours (days at most), as opposed to waiting months until your mattress no longer smells.


Although buying environmentally friendly and sustainable products is a noble aspiration for many of us, it is not always possible to afford them. If the sustainably produced item is not comparably expensive, it is doomed to be relegated to a niche product. Fortunately this is not the case with environmentally friendly storage mattresses. Many of the most popular memory foam mattresses can cost $4000 or more! Some of the most expensive Eco Memory Foam options cost $2500 or less, while many Eco Memory Foam offers can be bought for much less.

The Anatomic Global (formerly Ecomfort) mattress is one of the best choices for well-made, environmentally friendly memory foam. The combination of an excellent mattress construction and soy-based oil results in one of the best and most affordable memory beds on the market today. Anatomic Global beds do not tend to gass due to their open cell foam construction and sleep cooler.

The closed cell foam I mentioned above has the unfortunate side effect of acting as a heat trap while sleeping. Many people find their Tempur-style mattress unbearably hot, especially in summer. The Anatomic Global EcoMemoryFoam with its open cell structure is up to 900% more breathable than comparable MemoryFoam and sleeps much cooler. The cost of the Anatomic Global Eco Series 1 Memory mattress is only $1299 for a queen size. If cost is your only concern, there are other options. The Eco Saver and Slumber Saver memory mattresses are available for only $359.99.

No matter what criteria you use to select your new memory foam mattress, there are options to suit your needs. Whether you’re concerned about price, eco-attraction or sleeping comfort, there are choices that go beyond what is advertised and overpriced on TV. With a little research, you too can find the mattress of your dreams.

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