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Traveling with a big company is always great, but it’s a challenge. For example, in an organization. It is necessary to agree with everybody, to take responsibility for entertainment and accommodation. Oh, there are a lot of things to do.

That’s why we tell you how to gather your will and do the impossible – organize a group trip to make everyone enjoy it.


What’s the good thing about group travel? Plus is enough:

  • Savings on accommodation. For example, in Asian countries you can rent a villa! It will be hard for two of you, and a big company will be quite affordable.
  • Possibility to get on excursions for groups. Some places can be reached only if there is a group of several people. If you are in the off-season and tourists are not enough, your company may well pull on the group.
  • You will see people you know from a new angle.
  • Get to know new people (if there are any in the company).
  • Anywhere is more fun together! (с)


Without chat rooms when planning a trip with a large number of people nowhere. Yes, it will be a mess of opinions, because people are different. Someone reads once a week and constantly asks questions, someone unsubscribe with stickers and try to understand what he meant.

But it’s a good thing that some modern messengers have the ability to fix messages and create polls. The latest news and solutions can always be found out from the fixtures and quickly express an opinion by voting in the survey.

But you’re also required to do a lot of things. Try to write concretely and in essence. Take into account the wishes of all and do not forget about your own. Remember, it’s difficult to please everyone, but you can always split up for a couple of days, so that everyone went where they want.

And most importantly, consider the fact that not everyone is comfortable to express an opinion, especially if it diverges from the majority. Inform these people that you can solve any questions in personal correspondence.


The first thing you have to decide is the date of the trip and the direction. There are a lot of people, everyone has their own life, so choose the dates and place together. It shouldn’t be convenient for only one person to make everyone else adjust. Expand the Google Calendar at all, so that everyone marks a convenient time of travel.

Another important point is to do it in advance. It doesn’t matter how far you’re going to go, whether you’re going to fly a plane or not. Determine the date in a few months. Remember that it can be adjusted due to the cost of tickets and accommodation. All participants should be aware of these changes.

It is also important to take into account the opinions of everyone when choosing a direction. It is necessary to choose so that everyone had something to do in this or that place. Therefore, the most ideal option is to have a trip to several countries or cities.

The next step is to price your tickets. Usually, tickets with a good price fall on weekdays, and at the weekend it is more expensive to fly. Experiment with the cities of departure, what if it’s even cheaper to leave the neighborhood?

Talk to the participants about where to fly from. And as soon as you find good prices – collect passport data from the participants and buy tickets at once for everyone, but not separately. So there is less chance to buy tickets at different prices. Why is it so, we wrote here >>>>

If not everyone from the same city and someone is planning to join you on the spot, arrange a place and time for the meeting, give the address of the accommodation (if any), and keep the person informed of your movements.

Now we’re looking for a place to live! Since there are many of you, you can look for accommodation with amenities, not be satisfied with beds in rooms for 30 people.

Yes, it’s cheaper, but it’s a shower at the end of the hall, an uncomfortable toilet and no breakfast. It is better to rent an apartment or house, villa (depending on the direction). In some places even give a discount on the group.

At the same time, ask everyone (you can find out in the person) who is ready to put the maximum on the housing, calculate the average and then look for options. Chat up your findings, and the participants will vote to find a suitable one. Democrats!


This one’s got to be neat. Even those who initially “agree to everything” will be dissatisfied with something and snort that they were not asked anything. And there is a way out.

Try to plan the time so that in a day your company has at least one joint event: a picnic in the park, a hike to the attractions, a walk around the main attractions, yes, anything. And the rest is optional.

Suddenly, someone wants to split up for half a day and walk along their route, so let them go. In the evening, it will be interesting to listen to who saw what and where he was.

The main idea is not to plan every minute, and in case of which not to grumble that “we are running out of schedule, we have two more museums for today! Nobody needs such a rest. Choose something fun and come together, and let everyone spend the rest of their time in their own way.


Well, if there’s at least two people in a big company with a driver’s license. It is an opportunity to go out of town or save on trains. It is more convenient and faster to drive a car, there is no dependence on the schedule.

If you go abroad, drivers need international certificates. It would be logical if all the participants of the trip will chip in for international rights and car rental.

If your company does not have any drivers, and plans for long journeys, we recommend you to buy tickets for trains or buses in advance. At least one month in advance.

Theresa D. Maciel